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A map of Brecconary in Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Tantegel is a town that appears in Dragon Quest, and is the capital of Alefgard. In the Nintendo Entertainment System version, the town is named Brecconary.

Tantegel is associated with Tantegel Castle, and is one of the first location that the Hero can access. It is a basic town and does not serve much purpose, although there is an inn, an item shop, an Armoury, and a Repellent Shop, which can only be accessed with a Magic Key and only sells a repellent for 12 gold coins. There are five buildings, and three of them have stairs that lead to a small upstairs room. These rooms are not of gameplay importance, and only have one or two characters who provide advice to Hero.

In Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, Tantegel was integrated into Tantegel Castle.


Item Location
Warp Wing In a drawer, directly south of the inn.


Item shop
Item Price
Medicinal Herb 24G (NES)
10G (reissues)
Torch 8G
Dragon Scale 20G
Item Price
Bamboo Spear 10G
Oaken Club 60G
Copper Sword 180G
Plain Clothes 20G
Leather Suit 70G
Leather Shield 90G


Service Description
Inn The inn is at the bottom-left corner of Tantegel. The Hero can rest there for 3 gold coins (or 6 in the NES version).
Storage Service In the same building as the inn, found at the south-center.
Curse Sage The Hero can visit the Curse Sage to be cured of a curse.