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Dragon Warrior I & II artwork

Torches, also named Fiery torches,[1] are a recurring item in the main Dragon Quest series. They are regular torches used to light up dark areas, especially dungeons. Torches debut in the first game, Dragon Quest.


Dragon Quest

In Dragon Quest, the Hero starts his journey in Tantegel Castle, where a torch is found in the middle treasure chest of King Lorik's chamber. King Lorik permits the Hero to take it and the other two chests' contents (120 gold and Magic Key respectively) to aid the hero on his quest. Besides this, torches are sold at Item Shops in four areas: Tantegel, Garinham, Kol, and Rimuldar; torches cost 8 gold each and can be sold for 4 gold each.

Whenever a torch is used in a dark area, such as Erdrick's Cave, it only lights up the tiles surrounding the hero. The torch's effect wears off when the hero leaves the dungeon.


Dragon Quest

  • Dragon Warrior (NES) instruction booklet: "This lights up the dark and gloomy underground labyrinths. It's made from slender fresh wood and is soaked in pine resin and oil. You can buy it at almost all general stores."
  • Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide (NES): "Carry several to illuminate caves once you begin to travel."



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