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Fire blade

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Dragon Warrior I & II artwork

The Fire blade, also formatted Fire Blade, is a sword imbued with the power of fire. It first appears in Dragon Quest. The Fire blade, as per its name, has a wavy, bright red blade in the shape of a flame. In most of its appearances, the Fire blade has a gold pommel.


Dragon Quest

In Dragon Quest, the Flame Sword is the most expensive weapon. It can be bought for 9,800 gold from a person in Cantlin and sold for 4,900 gold. It has an attack power of +28. In every remake, the Flame Sword can be used to cast Sizz during a battle.

In the Game Boy Color remake, it is named FLAME (with a sword icon next to it), but is still named Flame Sword in the Prima strategy guide.[1] Starting with the iOS and Android remakes, the weapon was renamed to Fire Blade.


Dragon Quest

  • Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide (Nintendo Power, page 10) and Dragon Warrior Explorer's Handbook (page 11): "Few can withstand this weapon when wielded by an experienced warrior."



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