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“WHat!? NO goLD!? BOOOooOring!”
Gumdrops, Fortune Street
Goodybag FS artwork.png
Artwork from Fortune Street
First appearance Dragon Warrior III (1988)
Latest appearance Dragon Quest Builders 2 (2018)

Goodybags, also known as Dancing Jewel or Dancing Jewels, are recurring enemies in the Dragon Quest series. They are a tied burlap sack with a sinister face, and have pieces of valuable jewelry, such as gemstones and a crown, floating around them. This implies that more is contained within a Goodybag. These monsters first appear in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. In their later appearances, Goodybags' speech involves alternating between capital letters while repeating some letters, e.g. "GooooOOOddyY BAag."


Itadaki series

In Itadaki Street DS, Goodybag is a support/guest character. If its card is obtained, the player can summon it on the field for additional help.

In Fortune Street, Goodybag appears for a few turns after a player chooses Venture Card #28. It rolls the die and pays out the owner of any shop it lands on. This particular Goodybag is called "Gumdrops," which is one of the possible names for a recruitable Goodybag from Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おどるほうせき
Odoru Hōseki
Dancing Jewels
Spanish Saco de joyas Bag of jewels