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The Medicinal herb, also known as Herb, is a recurring and basic healing item in the Dragon Quest franchise. It first appears in Dragon Quest.


Dragon Quest[edit]

In Dragon Quest, the Medicinal Herb can be bought for 10 gold in Tantegel, Garinham, Kol, and Rimuldar and sold for 5 gold. A Medicinal Herb restores 20-35 HP if used.

In the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Color releases, they are named Herb. In these versions, they instead cost 24 gold each, and can be sold for 12 gold each.


Dragon Quest[edit]

  • Dragon Warrior (NES) instruction booklet: "A medicine made of pulverized and mixed mandoragora root and mugwort. Just one herb package will restore 20-35 of your HP points."
  • Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide (NES): "The Medicinal Herb restores 20 to 35 of your Hit Points."


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