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Template:Character infobox

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Character infobox


|name= By default, this is not necessary, as it will automatically use the article title sans identifier. For special cases, it can be manually specified.
|image= A representative image of the character - ideally, artwork from the most recently released game. However, if the latest artwork is specialized for that game (i.e. the character's wearing sporting gear, driving a kart, etc.), an older image may be retained as the infobox image instead. Note that the infobox cannot be updated while a game is still upcoming: it can only be changed after the game is released.
|franchise= The franchise(s) that the character is featured within. For third-party characters, this can refer to their franchise of origin.
|first_appearance= The first game, book, cartoon episode, comic issue, movie, etc. that the character appeared in.
|latest_appearance= The latest game (etc) that the character has appeared in. This does not include upcoming games: the game must have been released before the infobox can be updated. Ongoing serialized comics are not included here.
|created_by= The person who created the character.
|latest_portrayal= Who voiced (or otherwise portrayed) the character in the most recently released game (etc).
|portrayed_by= If only one person has portrayed the character, use this instead of "latest portrayal".
|full_name= The character's full name. Only use this parameter if the full name is not identical to that used in the article or infobox, as this would be redundant.
|species= The character's species. Do not list species the character has briefly turned into or any one-off alternate interpretations.
|gender= The character's gender
|residence= The location where the character lives.
|occupation= Any jobs that the character has.
|affiliation= Important characters, groups, or locations associated with the character in question.
|aliases= Other names that the character has gone by.
{{character infobox