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Template:SSB fighter infobox

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SSB fighter infobox
Special moves

Usage instructions

This infobox template is used for playable Dragon Quest characters in the Super Smash Bros. series as well as any characters who have made an appearance in Dragon Quest crossovers (such as Mario and Cloud Strife). It gives information about the games the character has appeared in and about their special moves.

Copy the following code to use the template:

{{SSB fighter infobox


  • name: Set the name of the box. Default is the article's name.
  • image: Add the image of the character.
  • games: List the games in that the character has appeared in here. These should only be released games, aside from the case of new fighters, as there's no other game to associate them with.
  • standard: The character's standard special move.
  • side: The character's side special move.
  • up: The character's up special move.
  • down: The character's down special move.
  • final: The character's Final Smash.
  • entrance: The character's entrance.


{{SSB fighter infobox
|image=Hero SSBU artwork.png
|games=''[[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]]'' (downloadable)
|standard=[[Frizz]] / [[Frizzle]] / [[Kafrizz]]
|side=[[Zap]] / [[Zapple]] / [[Kazap]]
|up=[[Woosh]] / [[Swoosh]] / [[Kaswoosh]]
|down=[[Command Selection]]
|entrance=Hero descends from above with Zoom and raises his sword upon landing.


Hero SSBU artwork.png
Game appearances
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (downloadable)
Special moves
Standard:  Frizz / Frizzle / Kafrizz
Side:  Zap / Zapple / Kazap
Up:  Woosh / Swoosh / Kaswoosh
Down:  Command Selection
Final Smash:  Gigaslash
Battle entrance
Hero descends from above with Zoom and raises his sword upon landing.